Dearbhaile Bradley
Eco-psychologist and poet

‘Listen to your hearts
Find the truth that’s beating there.
Open to your longing
For right living in the world.
Know that it is possible
For the point of power is now.

These are the most important things:
Hold your vision. Love with passion.
Speak your truth, and also listen.
Open to the dreams that call you
To a truer manifestation
Of the spirit of creation
And honouring of sacredness.’

The Power of Nine

Hi everyone! Hello and Welcome to my website.

If you’re not familiar with my work please have a look around the website and comment on what you find here.

This website is in the midst of revision and if you read my blog you’ll understand why. Events in the pipeline include WTR at Buddhafield and performing at Priddy Folk Festival.

I’m relearning the joys of wordpress and I ask you to be paitent with meĀ  as I get to grips with making this website work.

Go well one and all,