Dearbhaile Bradley
Eco-psychologist: walking my talk and talking my walk

‘Listen to your hearts
Find the truth that’s beating there.
Open to your longing
For right living in the world.
Know that it is possible
For the point of power is now.

These are the most important things:
Hold your vision. Love with passion.
Speak your truth, and also listen.
Open to the dreams that call you
To a truer manifestation
Of the spirit of creation
And honouring of sacredness.’

The Power of Nine

Welcome to my website.

This quotation from the poem that I produced to become the Chaired Bard of Glastonbury in 2009 still is as good a summary of my ‘take’ on life as I’ve ever produced. I seek to live authentically, to find my path of heart and the courage to follow it and to help others do likewise.

It is clear to me, as it must be to most people that we are in crisis – a time of both opportunity and danger. We know we need to live differently but we don’t know how. It is what I teach because it is what I most need to learn.

John Seed first introduced me to what he called ‘deep ecology’ and I trained with Joanna Macy in the 80s.I’ve been studying ecopsychology for the guts of thirty years and believe that this work is essential to finding our way to living sustainably. It is only one of many elements in changing how we live but it is fundamental.

I want to travel around sharing in circle with others what I have learnt that we may together find our way forward into a happier and healthier relationship with the ‘great Earth Mother on whom our live depends’. If you would be interested in hosting such a circle, please contact me.

Blessing on your path.

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