Dearbhaile Bradley
Eco-psychologist and poet

‘Listen to your hearts
Find the truth that’s beating there.
Open to your longing
For right living in the world.
Know that it is possible
For the point of power is now.

These are the most important things:
Hold your vision. Love with passion.
Speak your truth, and also listen.
Open to the dreams that call you
To a truer manifestation
Of the spirit of creation
And honouring of sacredness.’

The Power of Nine

Hi everyone! Hello and Welcome to my website.


If you are not familiar with my work, please spend some time exploring this site and in particular listen to the youtube recording I made of some of my work.

Exciting times! Festival season and I had wonderful audiences for the ecopsychology talks I gave at both the Green Awakening Camp and Sunrise Festival. Next up Is Buddhafields where I’m running Work that Reconnects workshops with a wonderful team of facilitators – Mike Grenville, Debbie Warrener and Lisbet Mitchelsen.

Beyond that there’s the amazing Eco-psychology conference at Green and Away in July and August’s treat is a Council of All Beings at Woodland Valley in Cornwall – an absolutely perfect venue found by Amelia  whose ‘going forth’ resolution at the Work that Re-connects circle who met at the Green Awakening camp  was to host a workshop in Cornwall. What an absolute star!

I’m planning to give more eco-psychology talks in the Autumn – at least some of them in Ireland with the wonderful community I met there – so watch this space!!

Love and light to you all,