A wonderful Summer to one and all

June 26th, 2012

So I hope you all had a completely wonderful solstice because it’s a bit late to wish you one! Summer Solstice swept me up in its embrace and tumbled me through a colourful roller-coaster of adventures. Too many to tell all and I’ve been too busy having one wonderful experience after another to take time out to write my blog.

Sunrise – the festival where I got to play one of my favourite games “ecopsychology” – was wonderful. Was it wonderful despite the mud or because of it? I think actually it was wonderful because the people who go to Sunrise festival are so lovely. Showered with magic moments, which ones shall I share? One was with Ros and Lyn and their friends at the Carnival Stage watching “Imagined Village”. The rumoured inclusion of Benjamin Zephaniah in the line-up did turn out to be false but the band were so good I was only glad that the rumour had got me there. A sweet sliver of a moon appeared in the sky and seconds after Ros pointed it out to me, the presence of the magical moon was announced from the stage. It was perfect. Perfect, a moment when I was truly happy.

I had my hour of “dreams come true” on Friday at the Green Talks Dome. Satish Kumar spoke there on Sunday evening at 6 though I confess I didn’t get to see him. But I was conscious of being in exalted company when I took to the floor in the Green Talks Dome. I’d an attentive audience, people whose eyes told me how much they resonated with what I was saying. To talk for an hour about eco-psychology is following my bliss. At the end, I invited people to put their names on an e-mail list but I confess assumed no-one would. So there was another delightful moment when I turned round and there you all were. Ah thank you! You know who you are.

Ian, the inter-dimensional wizard, challenged me to buy solar panels if I truly wanted to do something good for the planet and offered to sell me them. It was an interesting moment. I am committed to community solutions rather than individual ones. The rich will have their bills subsidised and the poor will pay for it. It’s not fair. It offends my sense of social justice. But I took on the more general challenge – to find the available source of energy most in line with the future I want to see. I’ve found it. It is GOOD ENERGY and I’m switched to using them. Check them out and if you do decide to switch then please (please please) mention my name as your source cos that way we both get £25 off our energy bill. I’d a long chat with the guy about “how can your gas be greener than anyone else’s?” Because apparently they use it to fund projects such as setting up a bio-gas generator for a school as they’ve just done. So I’m pleased that I’ve found another way of contributing to the creation of the planet I want to live on. And if I can bring some more people on board I can also help support myself!

I still haven’t enough people to do the Opening to the Awen workshop so if you’re interested let me know and we can negotiaite terms. Jo and I have started working through the material I prepared and the quality of what I’m offering is affirmed by the sharing. Jo runs workshops. She knows when there’s meat in the sandwich, so getting the thumbs up from Jo means a lot to me. So I’ve a 6X2 hour version of it that I’ll be offering come Autumn so if you’re interested in that also let me know.

But the most exciting thing of all is I’m writing again. I think now that my “creative inner child” huffed when I couldn’t get to stay in Connemara when I was so in love with living at Oakfield – and it is a enchanting place. I was to some extent dragged kicking and screaming back to Glastonbury and it took me a long time to feel happy about it. It was a gift to spend some time in Oakfield but it’s nonsense to claim I can’t write in Glastonbury!

Tomorrow evening at the Strange Sisters gig in the Camino I’m going to be performing poems from my collection “Birthmother”, just a few but it includes a poem I wrote in 1991 and have never performed in public before. Most of them are new to the audience. It’s taken me a good twenty years to get brave enough to say this. I am so grateful to my wonderful Strange Sisters Rachael, Gillian and my twin-soul Jo because they feel so protective, so sheltering. With my sisters beside me, I can go for it.

So I have the divil an’ all to do. I am intending to more focused blogs than this catch-up with a bunch of good people I’ve connected with – one will be on the delights of Good Energy when I’ve time to write it. It’s so wonderful given how I feel about Nuclear Power to have found an alternative that truly makes my heart sing.

So if you know anyone who’s going to Buddhafields,  that’s my next outing. I will be performing there but I haven’t finalised the time and place. I’ll also show up at some of the open mic sessions provided. But the main focus is that Debbie, Mike and myself are running Work that Re-connects circles every morning in the Dharma Parlour. It’s my favourite festival and this year’s theme is Doorways to Freedom. I can’t sing the praises of the team I’m working with highly enough and I’m really looking forward to the workshops. Ecopsychologist and Bard, that’s the identity I’m now claiming for myself. I got so upset that I couldn’t afford the Eco-psychology course at Schumacher College but actually I’ve been exploring the subject since the early nineties so it’s time I claimed my power and admitted to myself that I might know a thing or two about the subject. The talk I gave at Sunrise was my first, but not my last.

So happy Summer 2012 everyone. Blessings on your path.

3 Responses to “A wonderful Summer to one and all”

  1. Jo says:

    A wonderfully positive post. And yes, I recommended your Awen workshop to someone within ten minutes of leaving your door today… I will certainly take a look at Good Energy. Go, Dearbhaile!

  2. Liz says:

    All sounds good Dearbhaile. Blessed be.

  3. lokabandhu says:

    thanks, Dearbhaile, that was great to read – and see you at Buddhafield – if not before! I think we’re switching to Good Energy – and will def mention your name!