Strange Sisters: 2012 Endings and Beginnings

December 11th, 2012

The gig with Strange Sisters was an excellent night. Not as big an audience as I think we deserve but deeply attentive and appreciative. You were wonderful, you who came to the Strange Sisters gig. Thank you.

David Reakes opened the evening with his highly entertaining introduction to the work he does weaving words with children and teenagers. What a wonderful contribution he makes to the education of the children who live in this area! All our guests were ace. Ama elegant and witty, David Cloke funny as ever, and Gill packed the punch we expect from her. I know poetry is a minority interest and always will be but I’m delighted with the quality of the evening we pulled together. All our guest poets did us proud and provided a rich and interesting mix of poetry.

And as for us – phew. I can never quite BELIEVE how much work goes into one performance. It’s INSANE! We started work for tonight in July. There’s always a stage when I get so cranky with the process that I want to quit! In this set, I think the ‘memories like beads’ section works particularly well mesel. But that business of having to produce a poem on whatever, well it drives me up the walls at times. Especially when in the final weaving it doesn’t fit and I think all this fecking work for WHAT???

For a night as magic as tonight. Gerry and Steve are sitting in the front row and I want to say to them – Hey – remember? I’ve you guys to thank for ‘Invitation’. Yeah, I polished it up but it was a Monday night with your sofa attempting, yet again, to swallow me that I did my first draft of that poem. There are just so many people in the room I love, the stars of my world sparkling in the audience.

I’ve always felt honoured to work with two such fine poets and they were as wonderful as ever. The poem of the night for me was Rachael’s ‘Koko’s Raft Race’. I miss Koko and it felt so powerful to be honouring her memory in the Camino. I hope she saw us because I reckon that was the best show we’ve done, it felt really ‘professional’. Sometimes I can’t quite credit the amount of work it takes but when it comes to the night that’s in it, there is true enchantment in unfolding the tapestry we create as we weave the strands of our words together.

And all those poems that wound up on the cutting floor? Well, I can do them another day.

If I could work out how to upload images of the night I would – and I will at some stage but I have to do OTHER THINGS now.There on the Strange Sisters facebook event thingame.

love to you all


Fragrant invitations are all she needs:
lilac, honeysuckle, freesia, sweet pea.
She polishes her memories like beads
the afternoons she shares with pots of tea.

Lilac, honeysuckle, freesia, sweet pea,
these are the gifts still within her reach
the afternoons she shares with pots of tea,
remembering star-stung nights on Llanwen beach.

These are the gifts still within her reach:
times of challenge and the blessings of grace,
remembering a star-stung night on Llanwen beach
when last she looked into her lover’s face.

Times of challenge and the blessings of grace,
moon-silver nights, days of gold, the pleasure
when last she looked into her lover’s face:
now she has time to contemplate at leisure.

Moon-silver nights, days of gold, the pleasure
of fragrant invitations are all she needs,
now she’s time to contemplate at leisure
and polish her memories like beads.

2 Responses to “Strange Sisters: 2012 Endings and Beginnings”

  1. Jo says:

    So pleased you posted that poem Dearbhaile, I think it’s one of your loveliest so far. Well-crafted too. And yes to all the rest! What a journey we go through to produce our set. Many thanks to our guest poets, and to Alison for her sterling work on the door and serving mulled wine (did I mention mulled wine again?!)

    • Dearbhaile says:

      Yes indeed thanks to Alison. Only thing is I can’t do anything else with it now it’s published. Just have to write another one as good! love you D x