Joanna Macy
Eco-philosopher Joanna Macy, Ph.D., is a scholar of Buddhism, general systems theory, and deep ecology. A respected voice in movements for peace, justice, and ecology, she interweaves her scholarship with four decades of activism. She has created a ground-breaking theoretical framework for personal and social change, as well as a powerful workshop methodology for its application.

Great Turning Times
The Great Turning Times is a free quarterly email newsletter about finding our power to respond to global crisis. Bringing together ecology, psychology, spirituality and global issues, it lists events, news and resources to support the shift towards a life sustaining society.

Transition Town Movement
This is an ever changing network of initiatives developing throughout the country (and beyond) where communities come together to build local resilience in the light of the implication of Peak Oil and Climate Change.

Heart and Soul Group
Jane Sanders, Rachael Clyne and I host the Heart and Soul group within Transition Glastonbury.

Jane Sanders
Jane and I work together developing workshops and events for Transition Glastonbury that are focused on developing the skills, understanding and networks needed to move through the transformation to sustainable ways of being on the planet.

Bardic Order of Ynys Witrin