Opening to the AwenThe Bardic Awen

‘I would drink of the cauldron of  inspiration,
the potion of truth,
open to the wisdom of those who’ve gone before.
I would know the nature of Awen,
flowing of spirit,
essence of life in motion’

from The Power of Nine

Opening to the Awen

This new eight week course covers all the elements of previous Awen courses but I use different exercises to introduce techniques and, more importantly, we cover all three stages of producing work – the initial expansion into Awen, learning how to edit your work and then producing a booklet and inviting friends and family to a reading of our work.

So in the eight weeks of the course you will

• So in the 8 weeks we meet you’ll learn what the Awen is
• be introduced to different ways of sounding the Awen
• find out about what’s different about the Bardic approach to creativity
• do lots of exercises to stimulate your writing
• get to be the first ever audience for some great work
• and discover how many different directions people go from the same starting point
• learn how to edit your work, to cut away what doesn’t belong
• have a copy of the collection we put together as part of the course
• meet and work with a magic circle

This is a gentle exploration of creativity with an emphasis on having fun as we express ourselves in a safe and supportive space.  It provides an opportunity for writers to explore the nature of the Awen, the Celtic spirit of inspiration. This course is designed to meet the needs of all writers regardless of previous experience and the practices are particularly helpful in overcoming ‘writer’s block’.


Venue: Bay Tree Cafe (upstairs), Church Lane, Glastonbury
Time:  7.30 pm to 9.30 pm Monday evenings14th, 21st and 28th January, the 4th, 11th, 8th and 25th February finishing on the 4th March.
Cost: £60 full price and £48 concession
£10 deposit secures your placel

If interested please phone 01458 832044

Relevant Background

For those of you who don’t know me, I’ve an MA in counselling from Durham University and prior to moving to Glastonbury had a career as a counsellor, lecturer and training consultant. When I was working in Derry, I trained in Community Arts Facilitation at the Playhouse and subsequently ran creative writing workshops and courses for them and in community centres throughout the city. I’m now one of the Elder Bards of Ynys Witrin and since my chairing as the Bard in 2007 I’ve been exploring what it means to be ‘open to the Awen’.

What other people say about this work

‘We shared on profound levels and when the spirit is flowing, the energy is unbelievable. Dearbhaile know how to create the space and energy for inspiration and creativity and I would recommend her highly’

‘The Awen circle helps me to access my poetic creativity. Dearbhaile facilitates a safe, non-judgemental environment where the spirit of inspiration is invited into the circle to express itself whatever-which-way – and with amazing results for all of us!’

To read more about the Awen see Working with the Awen